Adagio Amoroso danced by Irina Maria Nitu

From Irina Maria Nitu, Luzern, Switzerland

“Three days before the surgery, I received a message from Marius Herea. His beautiful words made my heart smile, and I felt instantly that I have met a great spirit, a great creator that is connected with the “brain of the universe”, as he calls it.

About Marius Herea, the professional musician and publisher Yulia Berry described him like this: “one of the most romantic and mysterious composers of the XXI-st century.”.

He sent me in that moment this composition for piano, “Adagio Amoroso”, writing me that, If I will feel to dance on it, he would be happy to see how I express myself through it. I didn’t have the time and the weather till the surgery to do it.

….here it is…..2 weeks after….

I danced near the biggest and most beautiful Magnolia Tree that I have ever seen. Before going to the hospital, he was almost blooming…I kept in my mind so present these two ideas, to still see the Magnolia Tree with flowers, and to dance on Adagio Amoroso. I did it! The petals were carried away by the wind, but The Magnolia Tree was welcoming me with all its love.

While dancing, I felt how this unique music has the capacity of being a vehicle, taking me over and over again into different dimensions of my being, into different spaces out in the Universe, into a point in which the inside and the outside were becoming one…I danced, and danced, and danced…for almost 3 hours…

…..exhausted, still tired from the surgery, with the neck rigid for being in a fixed position with it for 2 weeks, feeling like receiving a second chance to life, coming out from a really cold and long winter….I was dancing again!

This is the first version, two more came out…but I will keep them for later. 🙂 After this experience, I decided that Adagio Amoroso deserves more videos, in different scenarios, danced in different moments. So, I consider this one as being the first version and I am looking forward to the place and the moment that will call me to dance it again.

Thank you Marius, for seeing me, and for gifting to us all such a great chance to be lifted in higher dimensions!”