“His music is very complex, refined and subtle. Every phrase brings novelty and there are sudden changes of mood which I never encountered before at such level. Besides, it is very demanding. It requires high technique from the pianist and also the ability to deepen into the music and reveal the messages from behind the notes. It is a very exciting journey for me.
I started to play his music and, at some point, I realized that I could not stop playing it. This is how I understood that his music has the complexity that allows me to express a whole range of feelings and emotions. Besides, it is rich with new original melodies and new harmonies.
The music of Marius is new and fresh. It transports you to another dimension, beyond the world. When I perform his music, I have the strong feeling of happiness and fulfillment.”
Elena Selezneva – Russian Pianist

This Interview was taken by Russian journalist Elena Pritula.
Film and image – Gabriel Arghiropol.
Video and sound – Petru Vicol.


The concert pianist Elena Selezneva began studying piano at the age of six at the Tchaikovsky Music School in Klin and she gave her first recitals when she was ten years old. Later Elena continued on her musical studies at the Moscow Conservatory and the Gnesin Academy where she has immersed in the traditions of the Great Russian Piano School.


Currently Elena Selezneva participates in various concerts and festivals in Russia and Europe, combining her performing activity with teaching.