As one wise critic once said: ”If you don’t like Marius Herea’s music, you hate music in general.” ( n.b. American critic Jerry Dubins)
I totally agree with that statement.
His compositions are not only about serious music, setting the tone for true values of arts and universal reception. Those sounds are timeless, life-affirming, inspired with the frequences of other dimensions. The multi-instrumental opuses are the composer’s strongest point – they are just meant to be performed masterly, in style, on big scenes all over the world.
The compositions for piano, performed by Maestro himself are a passionate journey to his Higher Self… Always exciting, as he is constantly changing. You can’t get him; Marius is unpredictable. All you can is just enjoy his fantastic music, reminiscent and incomparable at the same time.

Anna Canić – Ukrainian writer and music lover