Many say that music is a “medicine” for the soul. It surely is as long as we accept to let ourselves led by its magic. This magic is not a charm brought along by sorcery from surreal dimensions, instead is a seed of true self we need to awaken in order to become what we are supposed to be. Through his melodies, Marius makes this call for awareness and keeps us on the right frequency.

Composer Marius Herea’s creation is a combination of all that stands for high aspiration, sense of grandeur and power of idealistic thoughts, a positiveness which leads to feelings of perfection and purity.

Delicate still intense, his music successfully maintains a balance between the rapid ascension of feelings and the relaxation of rhythm after the complex emotional suite reaches its culmination.

There are hidden places in everyone’s heart where nobody and nothing has ever squeezed in. The vibrations of Marius’s preludes have the power to penetrate even the most compact enclosure has ever existed.

I think each of us who were blessed to understand the magic of melodious sounds has experienced a sublime emotion braided with contrasts of tones and harmonious and delicate vibrations while listening to Marius’s sonata and preludes.

 It only takes Marius the mere effort to find what already exists within him, the “vessel” that carries this priceless chest of treasures – the inspiration itself. Marius finds inspiration in everything that’s natural, original and pure. He can find the essence of energy in things that are not visible to the naked eye. This ever lasting source of creativeness supports his continuous zest for exploration of the infinite Universe which makes its unique and completely new realms accessible to him. It seems like he never stops wondering what more surprising “miraculous vibrational potion” he could discover and then work on to create what we call “fantastic feelings” or “happiness balsams” , which he passionately sets free into our cloudy world.

For those who open their hearts to his music, the clouds above their heads clear away and they can welcome the sunshine inside their minds and souls.

Thank you, Marius!

 by Adele Cheng – writer and scientist, Romania – China