Margriet Buchberger – GERMAN OPERA SOPRANO

Dear Marius,
Compliments for your wonderful music! This doesn’t happen really often that I actually like music written by a contemporary composer THAT much…
I don’t understand why composers are searching for a new dimension in music.. they will not find it here on earth.
All these strange experiments with “noise”… uhh often it just hurt the ears of the audience and it’s boring. Just a certain group of specialists will find a scientific interest in it…But in my opinion, that’s not what music is all about, for me it is more a question of instinct than of intellect.
And if it is as perfect as Mozart’s music is, scientists will find something behind it. In my opinion, great music is not built strictly after music rules (ok, a little bit it is) but it’s mostly just feeling, instinct, passion and love. And the same I hear in your music.

I am not a scientist, I am just a singer but it’s that what I feel.

Have a creative day and all the best from Bavaria!

26-th, August 2015
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