Dianna Vasiu

Dianna Vasiu, has a Doctorate degree in Music and a Master’s Degree in Interpretation and Theory of Contemporary Musical Art. Her doctoral thesis was in Musical Arts entitled “Artistic Imagery in Claude Debussy’s 24 Preludes”.  Dianna is one of the top Pianists of Romania. She graduated from The West University of Timisoara, The Faculty of Music, majoring both in Instrumental Interpretation – Piano and Musical Pedagogy.

She is award-winning artist with broad activities, which includes concerts with philharmonic orchestras, solo recitals, chamber music, four hands/ two pianos’ concerts and concerts with Opera singers. She has performed in Romania, Germany, Hungary, Latvia and Spain.
Dianna is a university lecturer at the Faculty of Music and Theater in Timisoara.

Dianna pursues a rigorous continuous education plan in piano through master classes with renowned pianists and musicians from all over the world.
Throughout her career, Dianna has been awarded more than 50 national and international distinctions, special awards, participating in various competitions, festivals.
Inspired by her daughter, she founded Doremi Association for Children. The Association promotes music as a way of life, with musical programs that are created and implemented with the main goal of optimizing the individual potential of each child.
Numerous appearances on media praised Dianna’s work, as a soloist pianist, in bands or as a planner for education, musical and charity events.
Dianna performed several of Marius Herea’s compositions, such as: SONATIQUE (piano solo, see below), FANTASY FOR VIOLIN & PIANO (below a Violin & Piano Duo recording with the outstanding Russian violinist ANNA SEMENENKO) and ADAGIO AMOROSO (below another recording in Duo).

She is currently working on other compositions of Marius Herea. On May 6th, 2022, Dianna will perform Andante Maestoso and Adagio Amoroso (both piano solo) by Marius Herea, in her Recital in Timisoara, Romania.