A great news!! Some music lovers and big fans of Marius Herea’s music have started a fundraising to make our dream to come true! We want to record his new Piano Concerto with the best orchestra we can get! Dear friends! We need your help! Please, read our fundraising goals and donate! Any amount and help is highly appreciated! We also need to get this post viral, so please, SHARE! The goal is high and the stakes are high, too! We have to go for it and make a huge new wave in the world of classical music! LETS ALL DO IT!

This Piano Concerto is part of a serie of major works written by composer Marius Herea. Our goal is to make this modern-romantic Concerto –  which continues the spiritual lineage of Chopin’s music – known to the whole world.

A concerto of such magnitude and artistic value has not been written since Brahms’ the 2-nd and a large scale romantic concerto has not been composed since Rachmaninoff’s the 3-rd – that has been more than 100 years!

It’s a real miracle that such a work was composed nowadays, when it seemed that everything had already been written at this level. With your support, the world could benefit right now from this unique music, rich in content, original and authentic.

We aim to raise funds to record this Concerto with some of the amazing musicians of today. It could be an orchestra from the Czech Republik, the Saint-Petersburg Taurida State Symphony Orchestra or other great orchestra.

The funds will cover the costs of the musicians (full symphonic orchestra) for the rehearsals, the hall, the venue, the sound engineer, the videographers, the renting of the equipments, the final editing, the marketing and publicity. 

Click here to go to to help!

Please, share the video below to spread the word! Thank you to everyone who donated, shared and to the amazing pianists, performing Marius’ music in the excerpts used for this video: Elena Selezneva, Sophie Huang and Ivajla Kirova 


Guy Renaud
Schuller Christian
Liviu Craciun
Simona Nistor
Vladimir Loungou
Dorin Ungureanu
Fabian Vlad
Irena Pascu-Serrano
Anca Simon
Adriana Scurtu
Irina Paraschivoiu
Agnieszka Szewczyk
Laura Niculescu
Yulia Berry